How to Develop Great Golf Posture


Golf posture is one of the key fundamentals to a sound golf swing. It determines how you take the club back and how you come through the ball. Developing good golf posture will increase your chance of hitting the golf ball at your target.

Proper Weight Distribution = A Balanced Golf Swing

Ever wonder how guys on the PGA tour swing out of their shoes but are still standing by the time they finish their swing. They have properly distributed their weight in their feet. When you address the golf ball your weight should be distributed in the balls of your feet. Too much weight in your heels or toes causes an unbalanced golf swing. Poor weight distribution also sets you up for an improper swing path. Centering your weight in the balls of your feet will automatically make you bend towards the ball correctly. The goal in mind is to bend from your hips and not your waist.

If you feel your balance is not where it should be, consider a golf training excercise program. Be sure the program focuses on balance and strength building excercises..

How far should you stand from the ball?

There are a lot of great golfers out there who vary in how far away their hands are from their body.

Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus had their hands and arms further from their bodies. Today many PGA tour professionals have their hands and arms closer to their body. The difference is the modern swing is built on a full body rotating motion while back in the day of persimmon woods, power was generated with the arms, hands, and legs.

A good measure of where your arms should be is to let them hang naturally when addressing the ball. This puts you in a postion to take the club back on plane.

Chin up! You’ll hit a good shot eventually.

When you stand up to the ball you obviously are going to be looking at the ball. You however do not want your head slouching to keep your eye on the ball. If your chin is buried into your chest, then it becomes difficult to make a full shoulder turn on the backswing. Keep your chin high enough to make a complete backswing.

Taking it to the course!

By working on your golf posture you will develop a comfortable and balance feeling over the golf ball. That is the goal! A confident stance over the ball will increase your success rate of hitting a confident shot.

There is a difference between practicing and playing golf. Out on the course, there should be only focus of where the ball needs to end up – your intended target. Thinking of technical jargin and how far you should stand from the ball is not golf.

The purpose of practice is to develop good technique to play great golf which leads to lower golf scores. Take a few minutes each day to practice your posture in front of mirror. The people you live with might think you are a little strange, but hey, at least you will look like a pro on the course.


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Golf Training

I had the priviledge of receiving golf training from Dr. Greg Shepard. The golf training Dr. Shepard teaches helps not only with strength but increases flexibility and speed in the golf swing. Here is an article we did together years ago. The golf training is as applicable today as it was back when the article first came out.


Golf Training

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