4 Putting Practice Drills at Home

4 Putting Practice Drills at Home

Keep your golf game from going cold during the winter months by practicing these four putting practice drills at home.

Swing the Putter Handle

Good putters are going to be able to keep the butt end of the putter pointing at their belly through out the entire stroke. A good drill to practice at home is to swing the putter while looking at the butt end of the putter handle. This will keep the putter handle in the correct position through out the stroke.

Towel Drill

Who cares if the putting greens are buried in 4 feet of snow. You can still practice your lag putting with the towel drill. The probability of sinking 40 – 50 foot putts is really low. The goal of 40 – 50 foot putts is to get the ball close enough for a tap in putt.

Take a towel and bunch it up. You want the golf ball to hit the towel with a nice controlled speed. If you really want to work on distance control, then lay the towel completly flat. Try to get the ball to stop perfectly on the towel.

Putter Face Alignment Drill

The best putters set their putter face square to their target and the golf ball. Draw a cross on the golf ball as shown in the image above. This practice drill trains your eyes to square the putter face with your intended target. It will also helps set your body square to the putter face.

Eyes on Target Drill

Do you ever feel that your tempo is off and you just can’t get a feel for the greens? Try looking at your target while putting. Many pro golfers, Jordan Speith being one of them, have adopted this approach while on the course. Take three balls and putt towards a target while looking at it. Then take three more putts while looking at the ball. Record your results and repeat. You know you have started to gain a better feel for the greens when all six balls are showing consitency in speed and distnace control.

Keep in mind that while using these four putting practice drills at home, you are focusing on the most important part of the game. Some of the best rounds I can remember was when my putter got hot and I could not miss. The memories I have of great rounds are always the 30 foot par save or the 4 consecutive biridies. Don’t underestimate how the flat stick can save your round!







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