4 Tips to Master the Golf Mental Game

Golf Mental Game

It is the last hole of the club championship and you are 1 up on your competitor. You’re thinking, I’ve got this, its in the bag, start putting my name on the trophy. And then…there is that one thought that creeps into your mind not to push your tee shot into the drink. Without realizing it, your muscles tense up, your tempo is out of sync, and you never had a chance of hitting a good shot. Kiss your trophy good bye!

Golf Mental Game

Golf can be broken into two parts; the physical/mechanical part and the mental side. Believe it or not, the mental side of golf probably plays a bigger part is shooting lower golf scores. Hours can be spent beating balls on the driving range but until the mental side of golf is practiced, lower golf scores are but a dream.

The golf mental game affects every golfer. It does not matter if you play just for fun or you are competing in weekly tournaments. There is that internal talk constantly going on inside of your head that affects how you play each shot and its outcome.

Golf Mental Tips

Tip #1 – A Sound Pre-shot Routine

The purpose of a pre-shot routine is to get you in a state of mind of focus and determination. Don’t over complicate your pre shot routine. It should be short enough to not slow up play but should put yourself in a confident state of mind. Decide what your pre shot routine will be and practice it on the driving range. A good practice routine will include the following:

  • Selecting a Target
  • A visual picture of how your ball is going to take off
  • One swing thought
  • Smooth Practice Swings

Practice swings should serve a purpose. They should not be used to rehearse swing mechanics. It is my opinion that the pace of play would improve if everyone cut out practice swings on full shots. Golfers would actually shoot lower scores if they eliminated practice swings.

Tip #2 – Stay in the Present

Losing focus in golf is easy to do, especially after a bad hole. The reaction after a bad hole is to start thinking how to make up the lost strokes. The correct thought process should be on how to play the next shot. The best way to stay in the present to set small short term goals every time you play.

Instead of focusing on what score you want to shoot, focus on how many fairways and greens you want to hit. Set some goals on number of putts or the number of times to get it up and down for par.

This not only keeps your mind focused on the shot at hand but will identify weeknesses.

Tip #3 – Accept Bad Shots and Move On

Realize that this game is not fair! Bad breaks are going to happen. There will always be the bad bounce, the lipped out putt, the bad lie, and so on. This game is a game of probability. There are risks and rewards in this game and sometimes the odds are not in your favor. What you can control is your attitude.

Your attitude can tilt the odds in your favor and increase the probability of hitting great shots more frequently. No one hits every single golf shot perfectly. Even great players hit bad shots.

Great players do not let their bad shots determine the outcome of how they are going to hit their next shot. They move on focusing on what needs to get done.

Tip #4 – Study the Greats

Focus on studying players and professionals with a strong mental game. Some of the best mental game books that makes our list are the following:


Bobby Jones said, “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half inch course…the space between your ears.”

At times this game can torment one’s soul. Be grateful for the chance to be outside and enjoy your surroundings. Use these golf mental tips to keep your sanity in check and  develop your mental side of golf.

Regardless of anything, it is a privilege to spend a few hours of life playing this great game. If you can truly achieve a feeling of gratitude, that my friend, is deepest fulfillment of a golfer’s soul.



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3 Tips to Lower Golf Scores


Numerous golfers need to figure out how to shoot lower golf scores, yet the issue is that so much information is out there that golfers of all ability levels have a tendency to experience the ill effects of information overload. This is an issue for an assortment of reasons, mostly in light of the fact that it shields you from streamlining the golf swing and playing your best golf. Here are three straightforward tips that you can take to the driving range or the golf course to instantly enhance your golf scores.

Tip #1

The most basic piece but also less popular topic is the short game. It has become cliché to say chipping, pitching, and putting are three components of golf that can represent the moment of truth of your round. For example, a golfer who drives the ball perfectly down the fairway, but fails to convert on the putting green will lose to his competitors by 3-5 shots every round. To bring down your golf score it is crucial to have the ability to get up and down 50% of the time. So buckle down and start developing a practice routine to improve your short game.

Tip #2

Use golf drills that will help you find the fairway off the tee. Many golfers use only their arms and hands to hit the golf ball. However, the golf swing is a whole body motion that uses legs, hips, and shoulders. Develop confidence in a golf club that will allow you to find the fairway every time. The more fairways that are hit the better the chance you will have in hitting the putting green in regulation, which means a better chance for more pars and less bogeys. Utilizing the huge muscles and not flipping the club with your hands will radically enhance your swing and in this manner enhance your scores.

Tip #3

The third tip for you is to figure out how to hit diverse golf shots. The difference between a good golfer and a great golfer is the ability to adjust to the climate of the course. You need to play in wind rain, and so on and not all openings are straight. You should have the capacity to hit the ball high and low to prevail in different situations. To run the ball low put the ball toward the back of your position and complete your swing shoulder high. This will put the ball low and will help when playing in the breeze. To beat the ball high you have to put the ball somewhat more forward in the golf stance, yet at the same time hit down on the ball. Hitting down on the ball and completing high causes reverse-pivot which will enable you to hit the ball higher.


What part of your golf game has the most effect on your general golf score? From every one of the promotions in the golf magazines and on the TV, you would expect that driving the ball straighter and longer is the way to enhancing your enjoyment of the game, which should bring about lower golf scores. One thing that isn’t considered is that driving the golf ball represents around twenty-five percent of your general golf score. Then again, putting speaks to more than 50% of your golf score. It just bodes well that enhancing putting and chipping will have a greater amount of an effect in producing lower golf scores.

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