How to Choose Your Own Custom Golf Clubs

How to Choose Your Own Custom Golf Clubs

When you are selecting a new set or even your first set of custom golf clubs, you need to assess your game and take a few measurements. Golfing is a sport that requires golfers to have the proper length and flex in golf clubs. The first thing is your gender, men and women use different golf clubs. There games are played the same, but how they stand, swing and move are different from men to women. To determine your height, you need to be barefoot and not in your golfing shoes. The next thing to measure is from the floor to your wrist bend.

Needed Information

Other things to consider are your age, your golf swing speed, and  your level of skill. Once you have all the necessary information, you are ready to start shopping around. When you are looking at a fitting chart for golf clubs, there will be a column for height and swing speed. This information will help determine the lie angle and correct club shaft.

Correct Club Shaft

Your swing speed will help determine the right flex you need in the club shaft. If you have a club shaft that does not fit your swing speed, you may not hit the golf ball far enough. You can take all this information and find the right set of custom golf clubs. Golfing is a great sport, but you do need to have the proper equipment. Some golfers prefer graphite clubs while others prefer steel clubs. With a graphite golf club, you will find out that the club is an inch longer than what a steel golf club is.

Golf Brand – Does it Matter?

There are many different brands and manufactures of golf clubs. You will find knock off golf clubs and the original golf clubs. Golfing has so much to do with the golf game, you want a club that is quality, and not just something, that looks nice. You can choose from brand names such as Titliest, Callaway, Ping and Taylormade to name just a few. Ping has a great reputation as do many of the brands.

Make the Choice

It is a matter of choice for what brand name you buy, as long as you have all your measurements, you can select any brand name golf club to give you a great game of golf. Golfing is a game of skill and if you are a golfer already, you know that the club makes a big difference in how far you hit the ball. Pick the right set and you will have a good game.

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