Golf Lessons For Beginners: Finding a Great Golf Instructor

Golf Lessons For Beginners: Finding a Great Golf Instructor

So you just purchased a set of clubs, golf shoes, balls, and all the other golf nic naks. You are probably wondering where do I begin? Should I just head to the first tee and let it rip? Let me give you some investment advice. Before you try to smash that 300 yard drive, invest some time and money in a few lessons. Golf lessons for beginners can help establish correct fundamentals, and can help you through the tough times. I am going to be honest, this game is hard! There are going to be times when you wonder why you spent $700 on a set of sticks. Having an instructor/mentor will get you through those times of frustration. Here are six traits to look for when choosing a golf instructor.

 #1 -Credibility

Is your golf pro accredited by the PGA or LPGA? A class A pro will have the experience and knowledge to teach you correct golf techniques. Golf professionals who have received their Class A status from the PGA of America have been through rigorous training and are competent to teach the game of golf.

Who does your golf pro teach? A well respected golf pro is going to have a list of well known golfers that he or she has taught. This does not have to be at the professional level, but can be at the junior and amateur level.

#2 – No Gimmicks – True Fundamentals

Since learning how to play golf, I have seen a lot of different swing fads come and go. While some of these gimmicks might work for some players, they do not replace fundamentals. A golf instructor who tries new swing methodologies on his students will not give great golf lessons for beginners. Focus on finding someone who does not break away from true fundamentals.

#3 – Beware of Price

I have taken a lot of golf lessons from a lot of great instructors. The price I paid for each of those lessons varied from $35 to $200. There were times when the $35 lesson was more productive than the $200 lesson. There were times though that I really benefited from the $200 lesson. The point is, do not judge a golf pro on how much he or she is charging. Price is not a determining factor of a bad or good golf instructor.

 #4 – Goal Oriented

I believe strongly in setting goals and defining a plan. Your golf pro should have the same feelings. There should be always an objective with each lesson. A golf pro should take time to listen to your needs at the beginning of each lesson.

I took lessons from a pro who took 10 – 15 minutes at the beginning of each lesson to listen to me. He would ask follow up questions  and come up with a lesson plan for that day. If you feel your pro keeps on teaching you the same thing without real progress, then it might be time for a new pro.

#5 – Learning Style

Everyone learns in different ways. An instructor should realize this and adapt his or her teaching style to your needs. A visual learner might do better with a pro who uses video equipment to record your swing. Someone who learns by feel would want to go with a pro who uses golf drills. Its important that you communicate your learning style to your instructor.

#6 – Invested In Helping You Improve!

This is the biggest trait a golf professional should possess. A golf pro who wants to see you improve will go out of his way between lessons and ask how things are going. He or she will help you keep a positive outlook on the game. Great instructors understand that their job is to identify your weakness and turn them into strengths.

Golf lessons for beginners is a wise investment. Golf is a lifelong journey with ups and downs. Find someone to show you the way!


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