Golf Lessons For Kids

Golf Lessons For Kids


Golf is one of the many sports that can teach your kids focus, exercise, and a love for being outside. Golf Lessons for kids can start them on the right path and will help them maintain their desire to play the game well into adulthood.

Start Small

Assessing your child’s ability to swing a golf club and make contact with the golf ball will determine where to start. Hand and eye coordination is a key component to playing the game of golf. If you feel this is an area that needs work, start with the putting green. Putting is after all the most important part of the game.

Golf Lessons

Before signing up for golf lessons, go to the driving range a few times. Doing so will allow your child to become familiar with the facilities and the rules of the driving range. When it comes time to focus on their golf lesson they are not distracted by new surroundings.

There are a few choices when it comes to golf lessons for kids. Some of those choices are:

  • Golf Summer Camps
  • Group Lessons
  • Private Instruction


Prices for golf lessons vary and depend on the format of the lesson. A 5-day golf camp can cost as much as $350 or as little as $40 for a 3-day camp. It all depends on where you go and the type of instructor you are using. Nicer golf courses tend to charge more than a municipal city owned golf course. The most important thing to remember is to find someone you feel comfortable with and will give your child a good experience. If you do end up paying more for lessons, be sure the teacher is at least a Class A PGA Golf Professional. is a great resource in finding reputable golf instructors.

Keep It Fun

Make golf a game within a game. Kids stay more interested in something if there is a specific goal or task to focus on. Golf drills are a great way to accomplish this! Not only do drills keep it fun, they also help your kids learn proper golf technique. A good golf instructor will always use drills when teaching a lesson. If the drill keeps your child interested and makes them want to practice, all the better.

Keep Growing

Everyone progresses at different speeds in the sport of golf. Be encouraging and positive as your child learns the sport. Kids end up enjoying the sport for different reasons; competition, perfection, or just hanging out with their friends on the course. Whatever the reason might be, the sport will develop characteristics in your child that will help them throughout their life. Golf Lessons for kids will help them shoot lower golf scores and bring enjoyment to the game.




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