How To Find Your Perfect Golf Club Grip

How To Find Your Perfect Golf Club Grip

So you want to hit if flush every time? Then lets focus on one of the basic fundamentals, the golf club grip. Your golf club grip can make or break your game. It is the only contact you have with the golf club. The flight of the ball is directly related to how the golf club is taken back and through the golf ball. Lets look at some of the different golf club grips.

1. The Baseball Golf Grip

The Baseball or Ten Finger technique is the most natural one to use when taking up golfing. It doesn’t involve interlocked fingers and is a simple hand over hand method. If you are right handed, this hand will normally be placed at the bottom. The little finger of the right hand is placed close against the index finger of the left hand. Reverse the process if you are left handed. Over the years a number of PGA Tour members such as Billy Casper have used this style with great success. Players with small hands would do better in using this grip.

2. The Vardon Golf Club Grip

The Vardon grip also called the Overlapping golf grip, carries the name of the great Harry Vardon. The six time winner of the British Open Championships used it to win his championships. The pinky finger lays snugly over and between the index finger and middle finger of the top or left hand, also referred to as the lead hand. The thumb of the top hand finds a place along the lifeline of the bottom or trailing hand. This grip is ideal for players with large hands.

3. The Interlocking Golf Grip

This is similar to the Vardon, but here the little finger of the trailing hand interlocks with the index finger of the top hand. The thumbs form a ‘V’ shape which should point in the direction of your right shoulder. Interlocking is usually suitable if the golfer has medium-sized hands or weak forearms and wrists. Make sure that you can see the first two knuckles of the left hand.

There you have the three basic techniques. You have to experiment on the driving range until you find the golf club grip that works best for you.

There is a lot of debate out there which grip works best. The focus should be on what works best for you. Generally speaking, your control will be better if you use one of the interlocking styles. The Baseball is less effective in this regard and will in a sense disturb the balance. One hand will always be more powerful in this case – a scenario that is likely to be detrimental to your game.

You might have heard that your grip pressure should be like holding a bird, not too tight to choke the bird but not too loose that the bird flys away. I hate this example! I have never held a bird nor have I met anyone who can relate to this example. The guy who came up with this example must have been really good at catching birds.

Instead, I like to compare grip pressure to driving a car. Normal people do not put a death grip on the steering wheel while driving. The same feeling should be so with grip pressure.

These small golf grip details can spell the difference between a nightmarish experience on the course, or a confidence-building success-story.

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